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Commercial Flooring Case Study

  • September 2, 2016
  • epoxycoattexas

Epoxy Coat Texas was called in for a new Pet Lodge being built in Montgomery, Texas to consult on a resinous flooring option. After meeting with our customer and discussing what their needs were and what the intended use of the floor would be we came up with a great option. This floor would be taking a tremendous amount of abuse from not only foot traffic but kenneling of dogs and cats as well as pet grooming, excessive amounts of water and detergents to clean the facility and the kennel areas. Our specified process was a 5 step epoxy/polyurethane floor.

Job siteUnfinished Floor

  • Our first step was to diamond grind the floor which is the most important step in a resinous floor application in order to open up the concrete to accept the epoxy and prevent bonding issues.
  • The next step was to apply a vapor barrier which will negate any moisture issues that can come from the concrete slab and cause a floor failure.
  • Our third step was to apply a high solids epoxy to give the floor a high build and accept.

Epoxy Floor PreparationCommercial Epoxy Application

  • Our fourth step of the decorative flake which help in traction, impact resistance and overall beautiful look.
  • Our fifth step was to apply a high build polyurethane which is the protective barrier to protect the floor against chemicals, pet stains, UV rays, impact etc…